Playing Grades

Playing Grades

Bridge at Victoria Bridge Club is played regularly on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and on Thursday afternoons. Each of these sessions has its own standard of play.

Evening Play

Monday is for players with some experience who have passed the beginning stage and want to improve their game. Players on this night play to Intermediate Tournament rules.

Tuesday is for Intermediate and Open players.

Wednesday is for Juniors and Learners who can feel quite happy joining in. There are also coaching sessions on Wednesday.

Afternoon Play

Thursday afternoon is an open to all grades session and all players are welcome.

Thursday Evenings

These are open sessions and feature a mix of teams play, pairs competitions and coaching at ‘improvers’ level

The first Thursday of every month March to November features the Gladys Palmer Teams of Four, the Club’s major teams championship. Players from all levels are encouraged to play in this event, which is scored on both a championship and a handicap basis.

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